Determine if a Polynomial (x+4y)/(x^2+12xy+36y^2)*(x-6y)/(x^2+10y+24y^2)

A polynomial is a combination of terms separated using or signs. Polynomials cannot contain any of the following:
1. Variables raised to a negative or fractional exponent. (,,).
2. Variables in the denominator. (,,).
3. Variables under a radical. (,,).
4. Special features. (trig functions, absolute values, logarithms, ).
Simplify the expression.
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Factor using the perfect square rule.
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Rewrite as .
Check the middle term by multiplying and compare this result with the middle term in the original expression.
Factor using the perfect square trinomial rule , where and .
Multiply and .
Determine if the expression breaks any of the rules.
Breaks rule
Determine if the expression is a polynomial.
Not a polynomial
Determine if a Polynomial (x+4y)/(x^2+12xy+36y^2)*(x-6y)/(x^2+10y+24y^2)


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