About the Book

Dr. Barbara ten Brink bought a twenty-acre ranch in Gruene, Texas where she builds fences, hoes cactus, and runs cows. These animals are huge, in excess of 1,000 pounds, and would be difficult to manage, except the author learned how to work with them. But she began to think how much fun cows would be if they were the size of small dogs! Say, eight-pound cows! These docile, big-eyed, herbivores would make great pets if they weighed eight pounds.

People could do pet type things with cows including, bathe them, train them, and take them for walks! Audience: A children’s fiction book with text on one side and full color art on the facing page. What sets Eight Pound Cows apart? Young readers can imagine themselves caring for pet cows. As the author suggests in her epilogue, Here are some suggestion for you to engage more deeply with the text: Illustrate an event in the story; write a chapter to take the eight-pound cows on a new adventure; describe some mischief the eight-pound cows could get into; write a sequel; keep a journal of the antics of your pet; draw your pet in different scenes.

about the book Eight Pound Cows